Tennessee Governor Bill Lee today announced a 5-day extension for eligible small businesses to certify for the Tennessee Business Relief Program (TBRP).


“We want to ensure this relief makes it to as many small businesses as possible who are hurting from the impacts of the pandemic,” said Gov. Lee. “I encourage every eligible business to certify and take advantage of these no-cost funds.”


According to the Department of Revenue, an estimated 15,000 businesses may still be eligible for approximately $120 million in TBRP funds.


Businesses can check their eligibility at businessrelief.tn.gov. Eligible businesses can certify here.


Gov. Lee and the Financial Stimulus Accountability Group announced the initial $200 million in Tennessee Business Relief Program funds on June 2nd and an additional $83.5 million on August 14th.


For questions please call the TN Dept of Revenue at (615) 253-0600 or email revenue.support@tn.gov. More details can be found at tn.gov/businessrelief.