For the past three weeks I have been experimenting with Youtube  hypnosis videos. While my experiments were very unscientific, I did gain a lot of insight into hypnosis and my own mental attitude.  In my experiment, I focused on two issues-  sleep and confidence. To obtain a baseline for sleep, I would wake up around 3 am and play loud, fast paced, techno music for about twenty minutes. I would then play a YouTube hypnosis sleep video. Did it work?

Yes and no.  It really depended on the video and who was performing the hypnosis. I listened to some videos and stayed wide awake. I listened to others and fell into a deep, restful sleep. I felt that  some hypnosis videos had a direct link to my inner mind. I thought others were a waste of time. One thing that was consistent was ambient noise videos. These are videos that play soothing static sounding noises. They can play for hours and had a calming affect on me.

For my other ongoing experiment, I used confidence hypnosis videos. For this I simply listened to certain videos. I did not have any specific scientific formula. Did it work?
Absolutely! I gained a lot more confidence and literally at times heard in the back of my mind motivational direction to push forward. I changed my appearance. I went  from wearing jeans and a collared shirt to wearing a suit and tie every day to work.  I worked with my boss on new ideas to help foster my growth in my job. I even found more confidence in my social setting.  For me, this was the “added push” that I so desperately needed.
So why are so many free hypnosis videos online? The answer is because success is the best selling tool. Many hypnotists offer customized hypnosis CDs and mp3s for online sale. As I noted before,  many did not work for me, but some produced a direct positive effect. So if I am looking to buy a specific hypnosis program online, I will probably choose one that works.
In conclusion, overall I had success with this experiment, but my results might be way different than others. I chose non-medical  simple assignments.  Anytime you play with the subconscious you could potentially experience serious repercussions. However, for me it was worth the risk
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