Stop tripping over that stuff you have wanted to get rid of. Community Television of Knoxville will sponsor the 3rd Annual Knoxville Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction.

Go to and fill out the donation form, take a picture, and your item is on its way to being auctioned.


If taking a picture on your phone is too much, send an email to and tell us how to reach you. We can take the picture.

Here is the timetable

  • Now – March 26 | Treasures donated by businesses & residents
  • March 14 – April 23 | Donated treasures showcased at Treasure Hunt website
  • March 14 – April 23 (40 days) | Promotion on cable TV & social media
  • April 2 – April 23 (21 days) | Online bidding activity at Treasure Hunt website
  • April 23, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. | Live televised on CTV and live Internet stream

Individuals and businesses have donated some pretty nice things. Take a look at what is already displayed: