By Mike Steely

Thursday was the final day of early voting and more people chose to vote that day than any other day beginning on October 13th. Altogether 10,677 people chose to vote in person and 954 voted by absentee ballot.

The final early vote count was 11,631. Early voting turnout and location information can be viewed here.

Of the six early voting places, Downtown West led with 3550 voters followed by New Harvest Park with 2402 voters. The Expo Center had 1436 voters, the City-County Building had 1104, South had 1049 and Eternal Life Church had 1040.

Tomorrow’s general election day will see voters going to their local precinct places to vote on all five races. You may vote even if your district does not have an open seat on the city council this year.

There are five incumbents on the ballot and each has a challenger. The city council is made up of nine council members so the majority of the council this year is on the ballot.