Ed and Bob are headed out to Burlington in East Knoxville to Shoney’s! Shoney’s has been a staple of East Tennessee since 1962 and it’s where you will find the next Ed & Bob’s Night Out in Knox County. Knox County At-Large Commissioners Ed Brantley and Bob Thomas will be at Shoney’s at 4020 Rutledge Pike, Tuesday, August 18th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. to meet the people of east Knox County and listen to their concerns.

Ed and Bob feel that going out to the people eases the strain on those who, because of work, commitments, financial situation or the distance to the City-County Building, cannot attend regular commission meetings. All elected officials, media and public are welcome to attend. This is not a commission meeting. There is no agenda. There will be no votes taken. But Ed and Bob invite you to join them for one of Shoney’s World Famous Hot Fudge Cakes!