Eleven current and former Knoxville City Council members have endorsed Eddie Mannis for Mayor.  The group includes members from the North, East, South and West.  It also includes three former Vice Mayors and represents uninterrupted City leadership dating back to 1976.

“In talking with each of these people, I have learned a lot,” said Mannis.  “They truly understand the issues facing the city and what it takes to be successful as Mayor.  They represent an astounding 100 years of combined experience.”

Current and former council member endorsements for Eddie Mannis:

NORTH & NORTHWEST KNOXVILLE: Ivan Harman, Carlene Malone, Brenda Palmer, and former Vice Mayor Jack Sharp

EAST KNOXVILLE: Bob Booker and Nick Della Volpe

SOUTH KNOXVILLE: Former Vice Mayor Nick Pavlis and Gary Underwood

WEST KNOXVILLE: Former Vice Mayor Joe Bailey, Barbara Pelot, and George Wallace

“I will lean on these leaders for insight and advice to keep the City moving forward,” said Mannis. This group represents 43 continuous years of managing the City. Their input will be invaluable.”