By Mike Steely


The Knox County Board of Education’s Evaluation Committee met Thursday to begin tweaking the language of a 14-page document that will probably be used in evaluating Superintendent James McIntyre and future superintendents.

The two part evaluation, which will be discussed in a full BOE meeting in August, should be adopted in December in a called meeting, when a “contract extension” would also be extended.

A conflict between McIntyre and the Knox County Law Department over the approval of the evaluation language was addressed by BOE members Patti Bounds and Terry Hill, the only two committee members to attend the meeting. Deputy Law Director David Buuck was present during the meeting as were audience members Dr. Brenda Owensby and Lance McCloud who each offered changes to the evaluation language, and Dr. Clifford Davis, McIntyre’s Chief of Staff.

Bounds said the new evaluation criteria are “more data driven” and Hill said the process “is more aligned with the evaluation that other employees in the system” are under.

The evaluation will include a comparison of 2014 with the superintendent’s 2015 final evaluation.

There was some discussion about changing or excluding the following: “Presents a positive image of the school district by participating in community life and activities.” Bounds suggested moving that to the “comments” portion of the evaluation.

Another change may include adding a requirement that the superintendent only make public statements that are “consistent with the board’s current view and position.”

“He shouldn’t advocate on things the board hasn’t issued an opinion on,” said McCloud.

There was also some discussion of the language “meaningful partnership.”

The committee will meet with McIntyre July 23rd at 3:30 to discuss the guidelines on the new evaluation.

“We’re hoping for a mutual agreement,” Hill said. The evaluation document will be before the Board of Education to review the policy and process in August. In November the Superintendent develops a performance self-assessment and share it with the board.

In November the board members will meet individually with McIntyre. The evaluation focuses on student achievement, strategic planning and execution, effective use of resources, relationships with staff, personnel and board members and parental and community engagement and satisfaction.

On December 18th the board votes to adopt the evaluation.

In January the superintendent submits a written reaction or response to the evaluation and that response becomes a permanent attachment to the document.

“We may refine it down the road when a new superintendent comes in,” Bounds said.