PBA Board discuss multiple items at the meeting tonight.


PBA security guards might  soon be issuing parking tickets on Gay Street and then later expanding to cover the entire Central Business Improvement District. Tonight at the monthly meeting of the Public Building Authority the plan was discussed by PBA CEO Dale Smith.  While some particulars have not been vetted out yet, the plan appears to have a very strong chance of becoming reality.

During the conversation one issue raised was will the Knoxville Police Department Cadet program maintain a presence downtown.  Another question raised was will the cadets still issue tickets in conjunction with PBA officers.  Dale Smith stated that he will look into those questions and get a response.  The advantage to this program according to Dale Smith is that parking enforcement is not a dedicated task of the cadets.  The cadets handle a wide range of functions from directing traffic to learning about law enforcement.  With PBA security enforcing parking laws more tickets in theory will be initially written.

The trial period would initially involve Gay Street only. The theory is that a stricter enforcement of the two hour parking rule would create a better flow for customers to get in and out of  stores. Currently it appears the problem is that certain vehicles remain parked at the same location for the entire day. This includes locations with parking meters that are constantly fed coins by employees who work in the vicinity. The idea is to get cars that continually park for extended periods of time to move to parking garages.