By Mike Steely

Six people who picked up petitions for the city council race didn’t return them by Thursday’s noon deadline. That narrows the field a bit in what looks like a fully contested election where the top two candidates move on to the November election.

Five of the nine city council seats are up for election.

Two of those races only have two candidates. In the Second District, incumbent Councilman Andrew Roberto faces Kim Smith. In the Third District incumbent Councilwoman Seema Singh faces Nicholas Ciparro.

The First, Fourth and Sixth District each have three candidates.

Incumbent Tommy Smith faces David Hayes and Elizabeth Murphy in the First. Incumbent Lauren Rider of the Fourth District faces Jim Klonaris and Jan McMahon. Vice Mayor and Sixth District incumbent Gwen McKenzie faces Deidra C. Harper and Garret Holt.

Thursday is the last day for candidates to withdraw. The City Primary Election is August 31st and the General Election is November 2nd. August 2nd is the last day to register and early voting begins August 11th.