Fountain City Town Hall Seeks Nominations For Honor Fountain City Day Awards

Spring is around the corner, and Fountain City Town Hall is planning the annual Honor Fountain City Day event on Memorial Day.  This year’s theme will honor all the community service organizations that give so much to Fountain City residents all through the year.

In addition to celebrating Fountain City’s community spirit, it is a time to pay tribute to the neighbors who have contributed to Fountain City during the preceding year.  Town Hall is currently seeking nominations for the various categories to be honored.  These include:

  • Commercial beautification/restoration Given to any business or public facility that has recently renovated, redeveloped, or beautified its property and has enhanced the neighborhood by extending a sense of community or has helped to preserve and/or beautify Fountain City.
  • Residential restoration given to a privately owned home whose rehabilitation, renovation, preservation, or caring maintenance has added to our community.  This is not limited to older homes or historic homes, but any property that is lovingly maintained.
  • Residential garden/landscaping Given to the owner of any garden or yard that adds to Fountain City through its landscaping, planting or outside maintenance.
  • Man and Woman of the Year Given to adult residents of Fountain City who exemplify the spirit of the community through dedicated, long-term service to others and the community.

The deadline for nominations is April 1, 2024. Please mail your nominations to Fountain City Town Hall, P. O. Box 18392, Knoxville, TN 37928 or e-mail to

If you send a nomination, please elaborate giving specific details and information about the property or person you are nominating. These descriptions will be read at the event when awards are presented.