The fountains at both World’s Fair Park and Krutch Park have reopened after closures due to repairs of water leaks.


In mid-May, the World’s Fair Park water feature was closed due to a leak that was losing 5,000 gallons of water an hour. Because the fountains consist of an estimated 280 pipes, an outside contractor was hired to locate the leak and begin repairs.


“We were able to find a temporary solution that allowed us to open the World’s Fair Park fountains for the season,” said Jayne Burritt, Public Building Authority Administrator and CEO.


Earlier in May, the Krutch Park fountains facing Gay Street also ran into some maintenance issues as they were opened for warmer weather. City crews were able to make the repairs in-house, and the fountains were opened earlier this week.


“Anytime we de-winterize plumbing lines to prepare for the summer, there’s a risk of running across a leak,” said Chad Weth, Director of Public Service for the City. “Luckily, our crews were able to make the repair for kids to enjoy the fountains for the majority of their summer break.”


Fountains located at World’s Fair Park, Market Square, Krutch Park and Volunteer Landing are open during the summer season 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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