This weekend, City of Knoxville and contractor crews will be delivering some of the last of the new 95-gallon wheeled garbage carts to City residents.


Once the initial round of deliveries is finished, crews will devote the next few weeks with their focus squarely on “troubleshooting” – revisiting individual households where a delivery was missed during the initial distribution.


There are a number of reasons why a household may have been missed – confusion where multiple houses share a driveway, for example, or homes not easily visible behind other homes. But carts will be delivered to all eligible households as promised, City Office of Solid Waste officials say.


For more information about common delivery issues – and possible solutions – please read this Cart Smart blog post:


The new standardized trash carts are a key component in modernizing the City’s household garbage collection – upgrades that will save City taxpayers $2 million each year. The carts allow the City’s contractor, Waste Connections, to utilize trucks designed to hoist the receptacles and dump the trash into the back of their garbage trucks, which cuts down on workers’ injuries and improves the quality of work for garbage collectors.


The day of garbage pickup in each neighborhood will stay the same, and residents should continue to take the cart to their usual curbside collection location, with the cart’s wheels facing toward the residence. Because garbage trucks will be hoisting the carts and mechanically dumping the trash, the carts must be placed away from vehicles, utility poles or other items that might restrict the garbage truck mechanism from picking up the cart. The carts also must not block traffic, mail service or sidewalks.


For more details about the new trash carts, call the City’s 311 Call Center or visit