Gov. Lee Announces Appointments to Key Boards & Commissions


Yesterday, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced appointees to a series of key state boards and commissions.


“I’m pleased to appoint these highly qualified individuals who will ensure that Tennessee continues to lead the nation,” said Gov. Lee. “The success of our state depends on the engagement of Tennesseans, and I look forward to their service.”


Appointees will fill a variety of roles to ensure that Tennessee’s boards and commissions continue conducting the state’s business at the highest level. The following Tennesseans have been appointed:


Tennessee Board of Parole


  • Robert L. Waggoner, Member


Heritage Conservation Trust Fund Board – subject to legislative confirmation


  • Madge Cleveland, East TN Member
  • Charles Hankla, Middle TN Member
  • Jeremy Nagoshiner, Middle TN Member
  • Angie Box, West TN Member
  • Mike Frick, West TN Member
  • Phil Poux, West TN Member


Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission – subject to legislative confirmation


  • Dr. Cherrye Robertson, Principal


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Advisory Board – subject to legislative confirmation


  • Garnett Decosimo, Member
  • Mario Duarte, Member


University of Tennessee at Martin Advisory Board – subject to legislative confirmation


  • Dan Strasser, Member


State Board of Accountancy


  • Sam Bennett, Middle TN Member


Real Estate Commission


  • Geoffrey Diaz, West TN Member


Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission


  • Ian Leavy, Representative of Manufacturing
  • Victor J. Evans, Representative of Consumers


Tennessee Auctioneer Commission


  • Larry Sims, Middle TN Auctioneer


Air Pollution Control Board


  • Kyle Etheridge, Representative of Tennessee Industry