Knoxville-Knox County Planning launched a new web application, called Groundbreakers, to provide information about construction activity in Knox County. Projects included are those that are planned for the near future, currently under construction, or recently completed.


The app provides a mapped inventory of major developments, including apartments, assisted and senior living facilities, commercial, industrial, medical, mixed use, retail, and special use projects. Details about type, size, location, timeline, costs, status, and news coverage are available for each of the more than 150 listings included in the app. In addition to finding information specific to individual projects, filters and searches can be applied to show groupings that meet certain criteria, such as type, stage, location and more. All data within the app can also be exported.


Previously, this information was maintained by Knoxville-Knox County Planning staff in an internal database. All the information was available to the public, though it had to be requested. Groundbreakers was created so that interested developers, investors, lenders, and community members could have ongoing access to this information. Because it is map based, it is also a good resource for anyone who sees a construction project underway and wants additional details.


The Groundbreakers application can be found on the Planning website at