Guide Your Creative Journey at Knoxville’s Premier Resource Fair for Artists and Makers

The Maker City, in collaboration with The Arts and Culture Alliance, invites you to a transformative event – the “Resource Fair with Knoxville’s Arts and Creative Business Organizations,” taking place on November 8, 2023, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Emporium Center on Gay Street.

This free event is for artists, makers, and creatives seeking to take their craft to new heights, both educationally and professionally. It’s also for anyone interested in learning about many of the resources available in Knoxville, “The Maker City”. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to connect with representatives from several of Knoxville’s leading arts, maker, and small business organizations.

The Resource Fair is designed for anyone interested in learning about grants, getting their work showcased in exhibitions and markets, growing or launching a creative business, finding the perfect space to create, or simply connecting with like-minded individuals to build a supportive community.

“Navigating the creative landscape can be overwhelming. Whether you’re a seasoned creative or just starting out, this event is here to help guide you in the right direction,” added Courtney Hendricks, Director of Maker Initiatives at The Maker City


Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Resources: Each participating organization is a goldmine of resources, offering support for artists, makers, and creatives in areas ranging from securing grants, exhibition opportunities, and business development to finding creative spaces, starting or growing small businesses, and accessing financing for creative projects.
  • Educational and Professional Networking: The event provides a unique platform to meet other creatives, fostering a community where individuals can share experiences, learn from each other, and build connections that extend beyond the Resource Fair.
  • Diverse Artistic Spectrum: Representing the richness of Knoxville’s arts scene, the collective organizations cover many facets of the arts, ensuring that attendees find the support they need, regardless of their creative pursuits.
  • Casual and Conversational Setting: The Resource Fair adopts a casual and conversational atmosphere, with each organization having dedicated tables to share their initiatives, answer questions, and engage with attendees. It’s a space where meaningful connections are forged.
  • Free Admission: This event is open to all at no cost, making it accessible to anyone eager to explore the wealth of opportunities available in Knoxville’s creative landscape.
  • Come Prepared: Attendees are encouraged to come with questions about their creative pursuits and business needs. The Resource Fair is tailored to provide personalized guidance and support.

Stay Connected:
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