~ from Bob Crye, president of Halls Republican Club

The Halls Republican Club will meet Monday, May 16, at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club on Dry Gap Pike, just off E Emory Rd. Our speakers will be those who are receiving a $200 check from the club:

  1. Charme Allen – District Attorney General
  2. Glenn Jacobs – County Mayor
  3. Charles Susano – Circuit Court Clerk
  4. Nick McBride – Register of Deeds
  5. Justin Biggs – Trustee
  6. Larson Jay – County Commission Seat 10 At Large
  7. Kim Frazier – County Commission Seat 11 At Large
  8. Chuck Cerny, Judge General Sessions Court Division One
  9. Steve Triplett – Board of Education District 7

Many of the current officeholders and other candidates will also attend and you can meet them and ask questions to get to know them.

The meeting starts at 6:30 but we will have snacks and fellowship beginning at 6:00. Janis and I will bring door prizes, but each of you are also welcome to bring more door prizes. The more door prizes, the more $1.00 door prize tickets sold. In the fall, we will have another General Election with a potential contribution for up to eight candidates for state Senate and Representatives including Tim Burchett. Fundraising ideas are always welcomed.

Please be generous!

Make plans to attend. You don’t really need to be a member of the club to attend, but we would love to have you join. Membership is still only $10 per person and $15 for a couple.

Thanks, and hope to see you there. Contact me with any questions or suggestions.


Bob Crye, President

Cell: 865-806-2361