Expect significant traffic delays Thursday and Friday in portions of Knox County…

What: Transport of 218-ton equipment on City of Knoxville roads

When: 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Thursday and Friday (Jan. 10th & 11th)

Where: From Forks of the River Industrial Park to Dowell Springs Business Park (off Middlebrook Pike)

Who: Provision Health Alliance is moving a 218-ton cyclotron to its Center for Proton Therapy in Dowell Springs Business Park. Because of the size of the equipment and the trailer used to carry it, the move has required extensive transportation planning. The cyclotron will be moved in two pieces, one on Thursday and one on Friday. The truck and trailer are a combined 96 feet long and 16 feet wide, and will make a round trip to and from Forks of the River each day. The City Engineering and Law departments have reviewed and approved the following route:

North National Drive to Asheville Highway; west on Asheville Highway/Magnolia Avenue to Hall of Fame Drive; right on Hall of Fame to Gill Avenue; left on Gill Avenue to East 4th Avenue; left on East 4th Avenue to North Central Street; right on North Central Street to Bernard Avenue; left on Bernard Avenue to University Avenue; left on University Avenue/Middlebrook Pike to Dowell Springs Drive (west of Weisgarber Road).

The vehicle can travel only 5-7 mph. Motorists along the route can expect delays as it passes. There will be escort vehicles for the trailer, along with assistance from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.