KUB has experienced an increase in the number of scam reports from the community. The
scammers identify themselves as KUB representatives and threaten customers with utility
disconnection unless a balance is paid. In some cases, the scammers mimicked KUB’s main
phone number so that it appeared KUB was placing the call. KUB reminds the community
that disconnections for non-payment are currently suspended due to the COVID-19
pandemic and encourages customers to learn how to recognize scam activity.
Regardless of the method used (phone, email, text messaging), the technology used (caller
ID mimicking, recorded messages), or the topic of the scam (such as non-payment, service
fees, etc.), there are two red flags that the person contacting you might be attempting to
scam you:
1. The caller requests payment via MoneyPaks, Green Dot Cards, Money
Grams, or other prepaid credit cards – KUB DOES NOT request payment
in this form. Once you give the caller the number on any of these cards, the
scammer then has access to the funds on the card. These are usually
untraceable. This is free money to the scammer.
2. The caller threatens shutoff within a specific time frame – KUB gives final
notices on bills and pink door hangers, not calls, for service termination. A
call with a threat of shutoff with the hour, two hours, that day, etc., WILL NOT
come from KUB.
If either of these occurs, this is a scam attempt, and you should hang up and contact KUB at
Thieves change their tactics constantly. If anyone calls you claiming to be from KUB and
demands payment, call KUB at 865-524-2911 to verify their activity is legitimate. If possible,
collect the name and number of the caller, as it could be helpful should the scammer target
you again.
If there are questions about your account status or if you feel you are the target of a scam,
call KUB at 865-524-2911. If you feel you have been victimized, you should also contact your
local law enforcement agency’s non-emergency number to report the scam attempt. For
more information on how to identify a scam, please visit www.kub.org.