Infighting and antiquated bylaws create looming problem for Knox Co.
Republican Club…

The Knox County Republican Committee has a serious dilemma due to a
originally “good natured” rule that has now completely backfired from
the original purpose. The rule, which is in the organization’s bylaws,
states that the Chair and the Vice Chair cannot be of the
same gender. Originally, this was done to give women in the club a
seat at the table, to ensure that the Republican Club would never be
“an all boys club.” Well for years it worked, but now a major problem
has erupted.

Ruthie Kuhlman has already openly and publicly stated she wants the
chair. Suzanne Dewar, a longtime party activist, has also officially
confirmed that she is running for first vice chair. If nobody
challenges a female for first vice chair, she automatically wins and a
male chairman will be automatic. This could potentially create an
automatic elimination of  Ruthie Coleman .

Section 5. The County Party Officers shall include a Chairman, a
Vice-Chairman of
17 the opposite sex from the Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a
Vice-Treasurer, and such other
18 similar officers, including additional Vice-Chairmen or Directors,
as may be deemed appropriate,
19 and as may be provided for in the County Party’s duly adopted and
approved Bylaws. County
20 Party Officers shall also include the County Party’s legal counsel,
who shall be appointed by the
21 County Chairman, but who shall not have a vote in that position.  A
County Party legal counsel
22 shall not be prohibited from simultaneously holding a voting
position as a County Party Officer
23 or Executive Committee member.  Officers and County Party Executive
Committees shall not
24 include Chairmen or representatives of local political subdivisions
within a County, such as
25 Precincts or Council Districts.  The Vice-Chairman or
Vice-Treasurer shall automatically assume
26 the office of Chairman or Treasurer, respectively, on a temporary
basis, if either of said offices
27 should become vacant.  The County Executive Committee shall proceed
to elect a new Chairman
28 or Treasurer, as the case may be, and fill any other office which
becomes vacant, by majority
29 vote, at a duly called meeting within thirty (30) days after such
vacancy occurs.  An officer
30 elected to fill a vacancy shall serve until the next County Party
reorganization, and until his
31 successor is duly elected and takes office.  A vacancy in a County
office occurs if an Officer
32 dies, resigns, changes his residence out of the County, is removed
from office, or otherwise
33 becomes disqualified or unable to serve his complete term. No
County Chairman shall serve
34 more than two (2) full consecutive terms.