Rather than a clipboard, carbon copy forms and a digital camera, Knox County Codes
officials now go to building and codes inspection sites equipped with an iPad loaded with a special app
developed by Knox County’s Information Technology Department. The app is being used in the inspection of
new construction, as well as in codes enforcement efforts. During today’s Chairman’s Luncheon, Deputy
Building Official Randy Lilly will give a presentation demonstrating the new app for Commissioners.
The app gives inspectors the ability to submit inspection reports and photographs from a single device in the
field. By using the new iPad app, inspectors will be able to conduct more inspections and back-office staff can
process them more quickly, increasing the efficiency of the inspection process overall.
“I am proud of the work of our Codes Administration and Information Technology departments in developing
this app,” said Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. “Use of this app will help speed up inspections so
government can get out of the way and let citizens and business owners continue their work.”
Since implementation of the iPad app, the county’s fire inspectors have begun using it and the number of daily
inspection reports has increased.
“The utilization of the iPad and the inspection app have allowed for almost instantaneous posting of field
inspection results, bringing the data and photographs into the codes database in a simpler format for immediate
viewing and use,” said Lilly. “The iPad also places several tools into the hands of the inspectors such as,
mapping, past record retrieval, photography tools and onboard Building and Zoning codes.”
The use of an iPad in the field gives inspectors access to an updated digital version of the complete International
Codes Council building codes book, which helps ensure a more thorough and accurate inspection and report.
In addition to the inspection app developed by Knox County IT, inspectors can also use other apps to increase
efficiency and productivity. For example, if an inspector in the field is unsure of a possible violation, he or she
can consult with a supervisor using the FaceTime app.

This gives the supervisor the ability to see the possible violation remotely and determine whether it should be noted in the field inspector’s report. The public can access the inspection results through the Knox County website to review their inspection information in a clear, legible format and print copies for their files.