KAT Reimagined Detailed Routes and Schedules now available for review


The public is encouraged to review the detailed maps and schedules of the KAT Reimagined network, which the Knoxville Transportation Authority (KTA) will vote on at their April 25th regular meeting.  The KTA previously approved the overall network plan in July of 2023, which included the new route network and associated span of service and headways.  Now, the detailed routes and schedules have been created based on that approved concept, and are available for public review and comment.


If the final details are approved, this new network of routes will replace the current KAT network beginning August 26, 2024.   A full review of the proposed new network can be found at www.katbus.com.


Several changes/additions were added to the originally approved KAT Reimagined Recommended Network, and include the following:

·       The addition of Target on the new Route 23 – Millertown

·       30-minute headways on weekdays on Route 37 – Morningside/Riverside

·       The addition of Route 10 – Sequoyah Hills into the network


“We began this process back in 2021, and feel confident that this final result reflects the community input we received,” says Isaac Thorne, Director of Transit for the City of Knoxville.


The community input showed an interest in shifting resources toward increased frequencies and less coverage.  Thus, the new network features more frequent service but some areas lose coverage.


For questions or to comment on the KAT Reimagined detailed routes and schedules, the public can call 865-637-3000, or visit katbus.com and click on the “Contact” link.  Public comments will be accepted at the Knoxville Transportation Authority public hearing to be held on Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. in the Main Assembly Room of the City-County Building, 400 Main Street.