With 15-minute service frequencies during peak hours on routes like 11 – Kingston Pike and 22 – Broadway, Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) is set to kick-off the most significant round of service improvements since the opening of Knoxville Station in August of 2010.  The changes are in response to increasing ridership, which has been climbing monthly since the station’s opening.


Seven bus routes have increased frequencies on weekdays.  Many core routes have more frequent service later in the evenings, and there is also improved Saturday service.  With schedule changes, transfers between buses have been improved to reduce wait times, with over 90% of all transfers at Knoxville Station being immediate to 15 minutes.


KAT is also introducing two new bus routes:  Route 19 – Lakeshore/Lonas is a Bearden connector route that will serve Lakeshore Park and the Choto Building at Lakeshore as well as South College and apartments in the Lonas Road area.  This route will normally serve Lyons View Pike as well, but will begin on detour due to the street closure.  Route 45 – Vestal will serve the Vestal neighborhood, Montgomery Village, and connect to the Chapman Highway area.


Route 16 – the Cedar Bluff Connector will be expanded to serve portions of Route 18 which was eliminated due to low productivity.


Detailed information on the service changes can be found on the website, www.katbus.com or by visiting the Customer Service Counter at Knoxville Station, or calling 637-3000.  New printed bus schedules are being delivered to schedule racks across the city this week.  Passengers should be sure that the routes listed below show a June 3, 2013 Effective Date, listed on the cover:



Route 11 – Kingston Pike

Route 16 – Cedar Bluff Connector

Route 17 – Sutherland

Route 19 – Lakeshore/Lonas

Route 20 – Central/Clinton Hwy

Route 21 – Lincoln Park

Route 22 – Broadway

Route 31 – Magnolia

Route 32 – Dandridge

Route 40 – South Knoxville

Route 41- Chapman Highway

Route 42 – UT/Ft. Sanders Hospitals

Route 45 – Vestal

Route 90 – Crosstown