Bus operator Ruby Hall

Mayor Madeline Rogero will be introducing a new photography exhibit at Knoxville Station Transit Center’s Essie Johnson Community Room this Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.  The exhibit, in honor of Transit Driver Appreciation Day, highlights over 20 bus operators and features vignettes about their experiences behind the wheel.


“Bus operators are counselors, friends and listeners – there is so much more to driving for public transit than just maneuvering a 40-foot bus,” says Dawn Distler, the City of Knoxville’s Director of Transit who was also once a bus operator herself. “It is so important to take a day to recognize all that our bus operators contribute to this community.”


KAT will be providing passengers with ‘thank you’ postcards and encouraging them to give one to a favorite operator or two, and also to take ‘safe selfies’ with operators and post them to KAT’s Facebook page.  Mayor Rogero will also declare Transit Driver Appreciation Day with an official proclamation at Wednesday’s event, before proceeding to Magnolia to talk with operators and hand out popcorn.