This week’s spotlight highlights KCHD’s Food Protection Division 

 The Knox County Health Department (KCHD) Food Protection division keeps the community safe by educating folks about food safety issues. One way they accomplish this is through an online class. This division regulates the preparation and sale of food in 2,100 local facilities, along with providing guidance to the community.

“Summer is the time for family cookouts, picnics and trips to grandma’s house; however, hot summer temperatures can cause an increase in food poisoning if you’re not careful,” said Allison Rosenberg, Environmental Health Manager. “Whether you’re running errands after grocery shopping or eating outside, make sure to refrigerate perishable food within 1 hour if it’s 90°F or warmer.”

This division works in partnership with the operators and employees of food service establishments. As part of their outreach, the KCHD Environmental Health office provides a free online food safety educational class. Anyone interested can access the course through our website here. Individuals, businesses, and non-profits have all taken the course to remain up to date on their knowledge of foodborne disease prevention. Those who pass the class will receive a certificate to prove completion. Any questions related to the course can be directed to 865-215-5200 or to

In addition to the online educational class, KCHD also offers tools and resources on the KCHD Food Protection Page. This includes food safety videos that educate those preparing food about the daily hazards they encounter when serving food to others. Other topics include information on preventing cross contamination, appropriate cooking temperatures, date marking and proper hand washing. Additionally, there are fact sheets for your facility or household to keep food safety techniques in mind all year, especially during the summer heat.