Knox County recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month 

Knox County, Tenn. – Sexual violence impacts every community and affects millions of people each year. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and the Knox County Health Department are urging the community to take steps toward stopping this preventable issue.

We are already seeing some businesses in Knox County answering the call.

Since the Safe Bar TN initiative was rolled out earlier this year, five bars and restaurants in Knox County have received training to prevent sexual violence. Several other pieces of training have been scheduled.

“Everyone deserves a safe and healthy relationship,” Mayor Glenn Jacobs said. “And we are happy to see that some of our local businesses are stepping up to create safe nightlife spaces.”

“Alcohol remains the most commonly used drug in crimes of sexual assault,” said Amy Rowling, KCHD violence prevention health educator. “We are so grateful for the local bars and restaurants who are participating in Safe Bar TN. They are equipping their employees to recognize signs of potential assault or unwanted behavior and how to safely intervene.”

Everyone has a role to play in preventing sexual violence. Here are a few steps that can be taken to help stop sexual violence before it happens:

  • Speak up against language or behaviors that promote violence.
  • Support survivors and know when/how to get help.
  • Help children build positive communication skills, including conflict resolution and how to handle emotions in healthy ways.
  • Practice and model healthy relationships to children.

For help, please contact the Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee at 865-558-9040. For more information about KCHD’s Violence Prevention Program or to register for Safe Bar TN training, contact Amy Rowling at