A beaming Karen Carson looks on as Lynne Fugate takes over as chair person.

Karen Carson, the 5th district representative of the school board further added onto her stellar tenure as a representative for the people. While some might debate that her greatest legacy is defeating a ONE TERM incumbent so bad that when the person ran for a volunteer elected position of  State Executive Committee voters overwhelmingly rejected the individual due to both their horrendous campaigning and/or the horrendous track record. That debate will probably go on for years to come.

What is indisputable is the profound impact Mrs. Karson had as chairperson in revolutionizing public forum. Under her recommendation, the board moved public forum from the last item on the agenda to the front of the agenda. There was some tweaking along the way. Example, if a group of individuals wanted to speak on a certain subject then they would have to wait. This was done so that the citizens could view and participate in the entire process.

From a reporter standpoint, Mrs. Carson has always been open, transparent, and helpful.  As chairperson Lynne Fugate takes over we can only hope she continues down the exceptional path emblazoned by her predecessor.

Dan Andrews reports and wishing the new chairperson the best of luck!