Knox County to Recognize Mental Health Awareness Month


Knoxville, Tennessee— Knox County will observe National Mental Health Awareness Month throughout May to increase the awareness and understanding of mental health in our community.


Throughout the month, the Knox County Health Department will produce a series of condensed reports, each one focusing on mental health within a specific population. The documents will contain statistics that speak to the volume of the issue and the resources that are available.


The first, released last week, focuses on mental health and children. On May 15, in honor of Mother’s Day, a second report will be released on mental health as it relates to postpartum. And finally, on May 21, in recognition of Armed Forces Day (May 20), the final report on mental health and veterans will be released.  All reports, once released, will be available on the Health Department’s website.


Today’s report examines mental health in children. A child’s mental health is an essential part of their overall health and can impact their ability to succeed in school and in society.


In the United States, one out of every five children has a mental health condition. In Knox County, a survey of high school students found that nearly 40% of respondents said they felt so sad or hopeless that they stopped doing normal activities for two or more weeks within the last year. The document also looks at adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how they can play a part in mental health outcomes. To review the full report, click here.


Businesses, schools, government agencies, healthcare providers, organizations and citizens must all shoulder the responsibility of promoting mental wellness by prioritizing mental health and resiliency, supporting those who are struggling and helping them work toward a path of recovery.