On Saturday May 10th 2014 history will be made in Knoxville. The first official league game of the Nashville FC will occur. This team is a 100% fan supported team. Literally, fans buy a supporters share of the club.  I know because I actually bought a share of the club. So as part owner, who will see this team play in Knoxville for the first game, I am excited.

What fans and supporters from around the world will be excited to know is that the Knoxville Focus  fully understands how important this game is to you  and because of that we plan on sending a large team of  reporters to cover the event. We plan on having a social media team tweeting the game and post game as well as half time  video reaction. We plan on having multiple photographers so we can get the best photos uploaded immediately. We are also allowing our political reporters to interact with government and soccer public relations to see if we can maybe get a proclamation from the City and County Mayor’s Office.

As for me personally, in the coming  days I will be gauging how many fans are making the road trip from Nashville and around the country to Knoxville. If we do have a  even a small group of supporters, I will be contacting Visit Knoxville (our awesome tourism ambassadors) to make many fans short stay a memorable one.

,p>In conclusion, to the fans around the world, the Knoxville Focus, truly recognizes how special the beautiful game is. We have a beat reporter and a beat photojournalist that covers soccer. We will continue to cover the Knoxville Force throughout the season just like last year. We really understand just how significant this game is to the thousands of new fans of Nashville FC.  We will  attempt to do what we can to make it so that you can feel as if you are at the game. If you are at the game, we will try to make it the best soccer road trip  experience you ever had by providing the right information before the trip so you can be well prepared.

Dan Andrews reporting,

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