Stephen Hunley on stage at “The Commodore.”

On June 5th 2013, The Knoxville Focus attended a performance by Knoxvilles’ own Stephen Hunley. He played a solo 30 minute set at “The Commodore”… which is virtually unheard of.  During CMAfest, it is a daunting task to book a gig anywhere. Due to the  many artists in town during CMAfest, the balance of supply and demand is rough. To give a perfect example of just how incredibly hard  it is to try to get a slot at a bar or restaurant  during CMA week I contacted one source who was recently on American Idol, and they could not find a place to play….last year they played six different locations.

Stephen Hunley performed some new songs and some classics. He talked about his recent engagement and noted that he has recently been in the studio recording new songs and writing new music.





On Friday of CMAfest Stephen Hunley sat in with Jack Ryan and gave an in depth interview to the listeners of 96.7 MerleFM.  Things are going good for Stephen Hunley, and we look forward to covering him more in the future.

Dan Andrews reporting from inside CMAfest…