Knoxville now has an app, thanks in part to Councilman Nick Della Volpe and the fine folks at Visit Knoxville. Della Volpe was taken with the idea after visiting Bardstown, KY. The city has a population of less than 20,000, but still had its own app. Della Volpe quickly learned it was inexpensive to develop and promptly reached out to Visit Knoxville.
According to Della Volpe, the app is  “a handy index-like tool, pointing the way to local food, lodging, tour sites, local happenings, etc. These topic lists then expand (with a screen touch or swipe) into specific listings within the categories, and ultimately into location-specific information (maps, menus, and links other the participant’s own web page).” He adds, “What a great tool for a traveler. In moments, you can download and have a tour guide for you day trip or short stay.” Download the first edition of the Visit Knoxville app from your app store today. It is available in both Apple and Google formats.