KUB has been receiving calls today from customers who reported someone called to say
they owe money on their account. The caller also asked for financial information–and
even offered to send someone to the home to collect. This is a scam.
“We urge customers who receive calls like that to never provide financial information or
allow someone to come to their home to collect a KUB payment,” said Dale Grubbs,
KUB Customer Service. “KUB never calls or e-mails asking for financial information, and
we do not collect payments at homes.”
All KUB employees and contractors carry KUB ID badges with them at all times. Also,
remember that KUB employees rarely ask to enter a customer’s home unless the
customer initiated the visit.
Always ask to see KUB ID before letting anyone claiming to be from KUB into your
home, even if you set up the visit. Even professional looking badges may be forged, so
feel free to call KUB at 524-2911 to verify the ID. If you are still uncomfortable, call 911.