Map updates in two of the Metropolitan Planning Commission’s (MPC) city planning sectors are underway, and we need to hear your thoughts.
MPC is holding an open house for citizens to participate in the process to change the way Stream and Slope Protection Areas are displayed on maps for the North and West City Planning Sectors. Currently, stream and slope areas are shown as “base districts” in the two affected sectors, similar to the way land use districts, like residential, commercial, or industrial, are mapped in MPC’s other 10 sectors.
What this means – underlying land use designations have not been established in these stream and slope protection districts. Instead, the areas reflect only the relationship to steep slopes or floodplains on a property.
Not having a designated land use causes problems when planners and elected officials need to evaluate zoning changes, subdivisions, and other development matters. Slope and flood constraints are important factors, but they are not the final arbiter of MPC’s recommendations on development requests.
In the adopted maps for MPC’s other sectors, Hillside and Stream Protection areas are overlays that float over base district land uses. This gives owners, planners, and elected officials a clear view of recommended property uses.
A portion of the two affected sectors is located in unincorporated Knox County, so these updates will require consideration by both Knoxville City Council and Knox County Commission.
The open house for all city and county residents to learn more about the sector plan proposals and to weigh-in on changes has been scheduled:
Thursday, March 1 at 5:00 p.m. City-County Building Main Assembly Room 400 Main Street, Knoxville
The proposed Hillside and Stream Protection updates also will be discussed as part of the City’s One Year Plan update. Visit the project page ( to learn more about that process and meeting times.
The 2018 One Year Plan will go before MPC Commissioners at their March 8th meeting. The North and West City Sector Plan amendments are scheduled for MPC Commissioner consideration at their April 12th meeting. MPC recommendations will be forwarded to City Council and County Commission thereafter.
For more information or to submit a comment about the plan update, contact Jeff Archer at (865) 215-3821 or