Deputy Chief Holiday speaks to a packed house of Young Republicans.


On March 3rd 2013, Deputy Chief Garry Holiday of the Knoxville Police Department spoke to the Knox County Young Republican Club. Deputy Holiday focused on the three points of leadership that the police department teaches their officers each day: 1. Do the right thing, 2. Treat others like you want to be treated and 3. Do your best. D “People must make a lot of sacrifices to be a good leader,” he told the group in attendance. Deputy Chief Holiday also said that there are “a lot of misconceptions” about the police department. People are of the opinion that the police is hide in “honey holes” in order to make their end of month quotas. Deputy Chief Holiday said that the Knoxville Police Department does not believe in honey holes (also known as “speed traps”) or use quotas. He added that, “the police department is around to keep people safe, not to punish them.”  Police officers are judged on what the crime rate is every month, not on quotas. He went on to say that the police officers are told to treat people like they want to be treated, because “no one enjoys getting pulled over”.  Deputy Chief Holiday gave great insight that made an impact on the crowd.


Garrett Strand reporting.