July 23, 2022 – Program – King Library – 10:00 a.m. – noon

Back-to-Back Presentations

How to Pose an Individual & Judging Photos

an eclectic mix, but then again, photographers are too

The first hour will be a workshop on posing sitting individuals—let’s walk before you run. Bring your cell phone and be prepared to be photographed. We’ll pair into couples and work on posing each other through a systematic approach that uses the tried-and-true cornerstones of posing. We will start with a facial analysis of the subject to find their best side and the classic facial poses, then move on to a taste of essential lighting and then finish with some classic poses.

In the second hour, we will be reviewing how your LeConte club asks you to judge photos. Bring your glasses, a pencil, and a willingness to have an opinion. We will be judging images as a group using your system. It is not the only way to judge a photo, but it breaks it into a coherent approach.

Please come willing to participate as it will be a lot more fun and more likely to stick. Those who usually have a lot to say, please be prepared to be concise. If you don’t usually say much, please stretch yourself and speak up. I’ll try to make room for you to have a voice.



Colby McLemore’s family prides itself on exceptional storytelling. This sparked his love of conversational presentations. He enjoys engaging crowds with a laid-back approach that aspires to arm participants with something actionable. He jokes that his spirit yearns for attention as he was the youngest of his family.

He is a full-time professional photographer, likely doing a thousand business portraits a year. He does the portraits at his clients’ businesses or in his downtown Knoxville studio. He is active in competitions at the professional level. He loves every aspect, from judging, running them, and participating in them. These are subjects that he has a strong working familiarity with.

To learn more about him or to see his work, check out his website at www.colbysphotosvideos.com