From the office of State Senator Becky Massey:

I was pleased to sponsor several pieces of legislation that were passed in the Senate recently.

Senate Bill 178 was approved that makes sure church-related “Parents’ Day Out” programs can continue to operate. The legislation, which comes after an Attorney General’s opinion was released last year placing programs in jeopardy, allows Parents’ Day Out operations to continue as long as the child attends no more than two days a week for no more than six hours a day. It also allows churches to have programs on each of their campuses and they can operate seven days a week. This bill call for registration (at no cost) of these programs with the Department of Human Services in case vital information is needed for dissemination in health emergencies like meningitis and other communicable diseases.

I also was able to pass legislation authorizing the sale of produce grown in community gardens. The proceeds from the sale are not restricted but most likely would be reinvested in the garden, used for the organization or given to the workers.

Final approval has been given to Senate Joint Resolution 45 which encourages the use of the Congressional Medal of Honor Character Development Program by Tennessee public schools. The nationwide program sponsored by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation seeks to incorporate the ideals of courage and selfless service into middle and high school curriculum across the country. I want to thank students from Knox County’s Central High School who helped write the resolution. Next month, they will be coming to Nashville for a special presentation on the Senate floor along with two Medal of Honor recipients.