Dear Editor,

The looming 5G deployment in Farragut has persuaded me to write my first ever letter to the editor. I have never played Roulette, but now my property in Farragut is in the zone impacted by the Roulette Wheel of 5G deployment, if an antenna and/or pole is going to land in front of your property line, wouldn’t you like to know?


I feel I must share the limited understanding I’ve gained with others in our community who may remain unaware.  Personally, I feel completely violated (per the Oxford definition of – Fail to respect (someone’s peace, privacy, or rights) by a FCC rule from 1996 that apparently now in 2020 allows Cellular Communications Companies to place their antenna and possibly poles in Public Use Rights of way in our neighborhoods and near our schools.  The source of the issue appears to be 47 U.S. Code § 253. +Removal of barriers to entry. No State or local statute or regulation, or other State or local legal requirement, may prohibit or have the effect of prohibiting the ability of any entity to provide any interstate or intrastate telecommunications service.

In the Spring of 2018 those representing us in Nashville approved State of Tennessee Public Chapter number 819, House Bill 2279 – March/April 2018. 

Here is the voting record of how our representatives voted.

Passed Tn House:  Passed H., as am, Ayes 94, Nays 0, PNV 1 3/36/2018

Passed Senate as amended, Ayes 32, Nays 1 4/11/2018



Apparently these two items now allow Cellular Communications companies to deploy Antenna and support poles in the Public Use Right of Way that may be in front of your home between your property line and the street.

I simply want Farragut Residents to know how their property value may be changed, how the appearance of their neighborhood may be impacted, and what health and safety issues may be in question. This is serious business for the citizens and government of Farragut.  Please invest your time in reading the current state of 5G deployment in Brussels, Belgium and across Switzerland.  Apparently the 5G Home Internet service requires a direct line of sight between the 5G cell site and your residence.  Exactly how many cell sites will that be in Farragut or across your county?


This Thursday night, February 20, at 7:00 P.M. at Farragut Town Hall is the next planning commission meeting.   Could the Farragut Planning Commission begin to publicly notify residents within 3 days of receiving a location application from a Cellular Company in front of lots where deployment requests have been received by the town?  In many cities and towns “Use on review” signs are posted on properties where a change is proposed (for example Rezoning R1 to R3).  Would the Town of Farragut on behalf of the property owners of Farragut at least post a 2’x3’ sign in front of the impacted properties to notify each location of what is about to happen to them or for them – depending upon your position on this topic?


In my opinion there is little awareness in our community of what is being thrust upon us.

As I write this today, February 17, 2020, – Do you know where the Public Use Right of Way that impacts your property is and where your property begins?    Each property owner needs to be aware that Cellular Antenna(s) and Pole(s) may be placed in that ROW.

Laura Squires

Town of Farragut Resident