When everything works out.



Special thanks goes out to some amazing people! First off, to Mayor Rogero’s office. Early Friday morning, I spoke with the Mayor’s communication staff. My inquiry was whether anyone made a request for a color change of the bridge. With the Vols playing and many events occurring, I was doubtful that everything could work.


Next, special thank you to http://knoxvilleicon.com/ That is an awesome restaurant on the 5th floor of the Sunsphere. I saw my good friend and owner of Icon, Tony Cappiello, at a holiday event on Thursday night around 7pm. So Tony and I were talking, and I threw the idea out. ‘Could we light the Sunsphere up in red and blue?’ Tony said yes, and about an hour later, Tony and I are texting back and forth. Changing the skyline of Knoxville so cool! We were literally changing the skyline of Knoxville for both West and South Doyle! Please check out their website. It is an amazing restaurant. The price for food is great, and Tony continues to do so much for the community. Follow them on Twitter. Seriously, https://twitter.com/KnoxvilleIcon


So then we come to some amazing photography. The photos are the work of one of the best photographers in the world https://twitter.com/brucemac63 . He often makes more in one hour, then most high-level professional photographers make all week. He is a master photographer and an amazing friend! So yesterday he had a fever of 102 and yet at 2:30am today (Saturday) we were going back and forth online sorting, posting and editing pictures of the crowd.

In my line of work, a pro recognizes a pro. Master photographers know right away when they meet a master photographer. So earlier in the week, we spoke about my vision. Bruce immediately jumped on board. I owe him huge! He is new to Twitter, and I ask Rebel Nation and the South Doyle community to add him on Twitter.

That is why I was not with the student section. When you have the best photographer in the world taking pictures, you get out of the way.

So, finally I would like to thank my team, the Knoxville Focus. Without them, I would not have a job. If you are a local or national business, please check us out. Send us an email at sales@knoxfocus.com


As for why I got so into this. One, I respect and love the game. Two, I have seen first hand a great university football team be disbanded due to lack of interest. Hofstra University. An amazing team on the field. However, the program was cut by the University President. It was and still is one of the hardest days of my life. I was even quoted in the school newspaper as saying “when I die, scatter my ashes on the field of Hofstra football, so a part of me will never leave the game.” To the people that booed me…that’s OK. To the people that read what I wrote and understand the passion I have for the game. Thank you for not booing me.


Here is the one thing I found interesting. I learned that one of the main reasons that students don’t go to games is because they can’t afford it. So, to the people that booed me. I challenge you. Take the passion and negativity you hurled at me last night and change the system. Call your school board representative. Call your county commissioner. Contact your student representative on the school board. Take that energy and change the system. Go to a school board meeting. Speak at public forum. Change the system. Your passion changed the skyline. Your passion can also change the system. I have spoken with your commissioner throughout the week. He would love your feedback. You can contact him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JeffreyCOwnby . He can guide you to your proper representatives. Sadly, somewhere in ‘Rebel Nation’ a student was probably staying at home because they could not afford to go. You as a society can change that and prevent that from happening again.

Thank you,