KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs has accepted Chief of Staff Bryan Hair’s resignation and dismissed Senior Director of Parks and Recreation Paul White. White declined the opportunity to resign.


In addition, the Mayor received word that the Comptroller’s Office accepted his request to look into the allegations of wrongdoing.


“Ethics are not ambiguous, and it is important that Knox County be above reproach,” said Mayor Jacobs. “Public trust is fragile. I encourage all parties involved to cooperate with the Comptroller’s investigation regardless of employment status.”


With the help of senior leadership, Mayor Jacobs has already implemented changes to some departmental level procedures and oversight.



The Comptroller’s Office will share their findings with Knox County when the investigation is complete. Once received, Mayor Jacobs may take further action if needed.


Dwight Van de Vate and Chris Caldwell will continue sharing Chief of Staff duties.


Chuck James and Shauna Godlevsky will be tapped to oversee Parks and Recreation operations. Godlevsky currently serves as Parks Planning & Development Manager. James currently serves as Director of Parks.