Mayor Rogero listens to the business community of South Knoxville while at Emery’s 5 & 10.


Mayor Rogero took time out of her busy schedule to promote and support the struggling community of South Knoxville.  The Rogero administration has been hard at work with a number of plans in action to help South Knox. Such actions include the following.  The redesign and realignment of the entrance to Fort Dickerson off Chapman Highway, which will make it a lot more attractive and accessible as a destination. Which is a 1.1 million dollar project.  At Suttree Landing Park, a brand-new riverfront park on the south waterfront. It’s a five-acre park. Total project will be about $5 million. Further adding to the list is the extension of the City View Riverwalk, at a cost of $420,000. Plus  many other projects that are  either in the pipeline or in action.