Pictured: Christi Branscom who will be assuming the role of Deputy to the Mayor/Chief Operating Officer effective June 1st.


Mayor Madeline Rogero and Deputy to the Mayor/Chief Operating Officer Eddie Mannis announced today that Mr. Mannis will be leaving his role at the City on June 1st to pursue business expansion opportunities for Prestige Cleaners and to devote more time to his work with HonorAir Knoxville.

“I have very much enjoyed serving the citizens of Knoxville and working with the excellent City staff under Mayor Rogero’s leadership. I appreciate her support and confidence in me,” Mannis said.

“My business is currently at an exciting crossroads, with a recent regional acquisition, and I need to devote my time to work full time with the management team at Prestige.  Also, HonorAir Knoxville is a very important part of my life and work.  This will allow me the opportunity to focus more on this program and continue to grow it, allowing us to serve a greater number of veterans for years to come.”

“Eddie will remain available to serve in the role of Senior Advisor to me,” Mayor Rogero said.  “His leadership, advice and counsel on operations and customer service have been invaluable to me in assuring that we maintain a business-friendly and efficient city.  While I would love for him to continue in his role as Deputy and COO, I understand and appreciate his commitment to both his company and to our veterans.”

Mayor Rogero also announced that Christi Branscom will be assuming the role of Deputy to the Mayor/Chief Operating Officer effective June 1st.  Christi has worked closely with Eddie since coming to the City in early 2012 to serve as Senior Director of Public Works. Ms. Branscom is an attorney with extensive private sector experience as a real estate developer and owner of a construction business.

“Christi is perfectly suited to step up to this new position. She and Eddie have been an effective team, and I look forward to her building on his accomplishments,” Mayor Rogero said.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Christi for the last year and a half to fulfill Mayor Rogero’s vision of advanced efficiency and enhanced customer service,” Mannis said.  “I feel confident that Christi will continue our commitment to deliver the same level of service.”