Mechanicsville Community Association will take part in a Community Café on Saturday, June 23, from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Fairview Recreation Center, 1628 Dora Street. The Café will be facilitated by Hannah Freeman, the AmeriCorps VISTA for the Office of Neighborhoods.


This particular Community Café will focus on “preventing burnout among active neighbors”. All residents of Knoxville’s neighborhood groups are welcome; however, this café focuses on providing opportunities for lower income neighborhood groups to collaborate. Limited coffee and refreshments will be provided.


The Community Café is an adaptation of the World Café method, a method for conversational leadership. The World Café process uses the collective knowledge of the present community stakeholders to piece together profound and inclusive insights into various issues. Using this process, Community Café seeks first, to connect active residents across the city and second, to provide community support for neighborhood specific issues and solutions.


The Office of Neighborhoods is available to assist any neighborhood group who may wish to host a Community Café in their area. For more, contact Hannah Freeman at 215-3456 or