MEDIC Regional Blood Center is kicking off the Save Our Summer Campaign that will run from now through August 31. The kickoff for the campaign begins amid a need for O Positive, O Negative and A Positive blood types.


The Save Our Summer Campaign is meant to celebrate summer while increasing donors through June, July and August. Each donor is automatically entered to win one of several monthly giveaways including a $500 E-Gift Card, Food City Gift Card, Hard Knox Pizza Gift Card or a Free Month of Mosquito Protection from Preferred Pest.


“During the summer months, we typically see a decline in donors due to travel and schedule changes,” said director of communications and donor engagement Kristy Altman. “Even though we see a decline in donations, we generally see an increase in demand from our 25 area hospitals. We are asking donors to help us keep inventory on the shelves so that we stay out of a critical need situation.”


A critical inventory level means that there is less than a two-day supply of a blood type. Currently, MEDIC has a low inventory of O Positive, O Negative and A Positive blood types.


Donors are encouraged to make appointments to donate but are not required to do so. With the continuation of the pandemic, MEDIC is requiring donors who give at a community drive to wear a mask or face covering. A community drive is either a mobile bus, inside drive at a church or business, or inside drive at a community center. Donors giving at one of the four donor centers are not required to wear a mask, but they are strongly encouraged.

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