MEDIC Regional Blood Center will celebrate its 65th anniversary beginning March 25 through the remainder of 2023.

Founded in 1958 by Dr. Carl Nelson with sponsorship from the Knoxville Academy of Medicine, MEDIC was founded as an independent, nonprofit blood center to provide products to area hospitals. Currently, MEDIC serves 24 hospitals in 22 counties.

“It’s a great honor to work for an organization with such a treasured history,” said Chief Executive Officer Jim Decker. “MEDIC continues to thrive in our region. MEDIC has a great support system through the Board of Directors, Directors and Managers, and amazing staff who collect and process blood product every day.”

MEDIC will showcase its history through social media, newsletters, and a new online history “museum” this year. Additionally, MEDIC will have special additions to centers throughout the year to highlight key moments. Later this year, MEDIC will offer expanded operations at the Farragut Donor Center, and the Athens center will move to a new location.

Appointments for donations are preferred, but walk-in donors are welcome. Donors can call 865-524-3074 to schedule their appointment or visit or download the new MEDIC donor app to search for a drive closest to them and schedule their appointment. For more information on MEDIC Regional Blood Center, please visit our website at or contact Director of Communications Kristy Altman at or by phone at 865-805-2008.