MEDIC Regional Blood Center is urging donors to continue to give blood and platelets amid COVID-19 outbreak.


WHEN:            Immediate/Ongoing Need


WHERE:          MEDIC Regional Blood Center Donor Centers (Downtown Knoxville, Farragut, Athens and Crossville)

                   Mobile Blood Drives List:


WHY:              MEDIC Regional Blood Center will continue to have an immediate and critical need to supply products to regional hospitals. Without donors, our region (and nation) may be facing an unprecedented blood shortage. There is no substitute for blood or blood products.

  • MEDIC is implementing wellness checks for both staff and visitors effective 3/16/20.
    • All collections staff will undergo a daily wellness check before beginning their shift.
    • All non-donating visitors will undergo a wellness check upon entering the building at reception.
  • MEDIC confirms that all donors are screened to ensure they are feeling healthy and well.
  • Each donor goes through a mini physical that includes a temperature check as well as a visual check on the donor’s well-being. We look for coughing, nose draining or if the donor is having a hard time breathing.
  • Individuals should not donate if they are feeling ill.
  • Donors are asked a series of questions that include whether they have traveled outside the country.
  • MEDIC follows appropriate infection control standards of donor rooms and mobile buses and uses single-use equipment for collection procedures.
  • Blood collected at MEDIC is always tested for various infectious diseases.
  • Blood donation is not a mass gathering or social event.
  • MEDIC is following Knox County Health Department guidelines and updates.
  • According to the FDA, there is no known risk of transmission of COVID-19 through the blood donation process or from blood transfusions.
  • According to the FDA, there is no intrinsic risk of the safety of the blood supply, but there is risk to the availability of blood for patients in need because of an increase in cancelled donation appointments and blood drives.
  • MEDIC serves 25 hospitals in 22 counties.
  • MEDIC is not a healthcare provider and thus does not provide a coronavirus test.
  • It is imperative that healthy and well individuals continue to donate in the coming weeks.


As a reminder, the blood on the shelves now is what would be used in a trauma event and it takes three days for donated blood to be processed and ready for distribution.