Merle FM released the following statement this afternoon…

M&M Broadcasting the owner of Merle FM has filed a law suit against the seller of WNOX 100.3 stating that they (M&M Broadcasting ) had an agreement to buy 100.3 and were days away from taking over the station when the current buyer Journal Broadcasting involved themselves in the deal.

With the proposed sale of WNOX to Milwaukee based Journal Broadcasting Merle FM and its sister stations WYSH am/fm and WGAP will become the only Locally owned radio group with stations operating in and licensed to Knox County.

At Merle FM we are proud to be Knoxville last top rated local radio group.

We know Knoxville business understands the importance of supporting local business. Therefore, we feel this will go a long way toward helping Merle FM and our entire group continue to grow.

With 100.3 or without it. We are still the last top ranked local radio group left in Knoxville. And we are very proud of that..

For any comment on the law suit please speak with Ron Meredith or attorney Mark Troutman.