The Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission is inviting the public to participate in a survey to assess the effectiveness of the current sector planning process. The survey should take 5 minutes to complete and is expected to remain open through the end of November. It can be found at Results from the survey will be posted on the MPC website in December.


“Community opinions and input regarding the sector planning process is critical when planning for the future growth and development of the City and County. The desires and wishes of residents, property owners, and business owners must be known in order for MPC staff to shape how the sector planning process can be more effective and useful for all,” said Gerald Green, Executive Director of the MPC.


Knox County and the City of Knoxville are divided into 12 planning sectors. Sector plans are updated on 6-year cycles to provide recommendations for land use, transportation, and community facilities. Each sector has a 15-year plan that guides land use and development as well as a 5-year capital improvement and implementation program to help guide them in the near-term. Within these documents are specific recommendations, such as adopting a scenic road corridor overlay zone district to transportation improvements or allowing mixed-use development in certain areas.


Sector plans are part of the Knoxville-Knox County General Plan 2033, which also incorporates small area plans, the Knoxville-Knox County Parks, Recreation, and Greenways Plan, Major Road Plan, and other adopted plans. This plan gives broad, long-range recommendations for the entire 525 square mile jurisdiction, while sector plans are specialized and give specific guidance for the area to which they apply.


Focus groups regarding the sector planning process are now being scheduled. If you are interested in having an MPC staff member attend your community group meeting to discuss the survey and collect input from your group regarding the sector planning process, please contact Liz Albertson at or 865-215-3804.