This Saturday representatives of Knoxville neighborhoods will meet at the Knoxville Convention Center to share information, hear community leaders, and honor six individuals who have helped their neighborhoods. One will be announced to receive the Diana Conn Good Neighbor of the Year Award. The award is named for the late Diana Conn of the Old Sevier Community and the award is an presented each year to a Knoxville resident who has, in the spirit of cooperation and with a commitment to inclusive community, has devoted time and talent to the service or his or her neighbors and neighborhood.


The nominees are: Betty Jo Mahan of the Inskip Community Association, Bruce and Tracy Martin of the Delrose Drive Neighborhood Watch, Calvin Chappelle of the Parkridge Community Organization, Gerry Moll of the Forth and Gill (The Bird House), Kathy Hitchcock, of the South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association, and Travetta Johnson of the Parkridge Community Organization.


Six Neighborhood groups will also be honored with achievement awards.


They are the Alice Bell Spring Hill Neighborhood Association, Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Association, Lyons View Community Club, Parkridge Community Organization, South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association, and the Western Heights Residents Association.


David Massey, Neighborhood Coordinator for the City’s Office of Neighborhoods, made the nominee announcement Friday. The event begins at 10 a.m. with a morning reception, a group discussion on low-cost and no-cost ways to “jazz up” a neighborhood, music from the Mount Olive Music Academy, and a luncheon.


Registration for the event must be made by Wednesday, March 5th by calling Tina Belge at 215-3077 or registering online at