As President Trump is being sworn in, the Beacon Center has partnered with legislators asking the Trump administration and Congress to authorize Medicaid block grants for Tennessee, which will allow the state to spend our Medicaid dollars more effectively and efficiently.

Cameron Sexton will join the Beacon Center and Sen. Mark Green in sponsoring the resolution. “Americans were crystal clear that a federally regulated, unsustainable program like Obamacare is not working and that states should be leading the charge,” said Chairman Sexton. “While the 3-Star Healthy Task Force played an important role during the last nine months, I am committed to delivering top quality healthcare coverage to those most in need- especially in behavioral health- by developing a market-based approach to Medicaid based on outcomes, accountability, employment. Ultimately, independence from government is the path forward in Tennessee.”

Beacon Center Policy Director Lindsay Boyd weighed in by saying, “This is a major first step towards restoring the flexibility, affordability, and quality care that Tennesseans so desperately need. Tennessee can set an example for the rest of the nation by stemming the unsustainable rising tide of healthcare spending for second-rate care. We invite other states to join us in this effort.”