~ from the City of Knoxville’s Office of Neighborhoods


The Burlington Residents Association and the East Tennessee Community Design Center are working to envision a welcoming place for Burlington residents and others to shop, play, live, and work in the neighborhood and adjacent Burlington Commercial District.


The two organizations are encouraging Burlington residents and others to help create the Burlington Vision Plan, which will include beautification efforts for the commercial district.


Members of the community are invited to attend a “Community Engagement Session” for the Burlington Vision Plan between 10 a.m. and noon on Saturday, Oct. 28, in the Amvets parking lot (4105 Holston Drive).


Community members are encouraged to drop by and give their input anytime during the two-hour session. This is an opportunity to identify current challenges, establish a vision for the future, and set priorities for planning. Help fill in the gaps by voicing your vision for the Burlington community, or simply suggesting businesses you would like to see in the area.


Dasha Lundy, president of Burlington Residents Association, emphasized the importance of community in the plans to revitalize Burlington. “All are welcome, and your voice matters,” she stressed. For more information, contact the Design Center at 865-525-9945 or leslie@communitydc.org.