There is a new way to support The Pat Summitt Foundation and let your fellow motorists know you’re doing so.


The Pat Summitt Foundation is pre-selling custom license plates to Tennessee residents with registered vehicles. The plate, which features a picture of Pat Summitt and The Pat Summitt Foundation logo, costs $35 (plus a credit card processing fee and county clerk’s office costs). Approximately $15.38 of the cost of each plate benefits The Pat Summitt Foundation, which is creating The Pat Summitt Clinic at The University of Tennessee Medical Center. The clinic will open in December 2016 and will focus on all aspects of Alzheimer’s disease by delivering patient care, providing resources for caregivers and families, and conducting clinical research trials in search of treatment and a cure.


The State of Tennessee requires a minimum of 1,000 pre-orders by June 30, 2017 to start the production process of the new plate. The Tennessee Department of Revenue estimates that after they receive the pre-orders, it will take another four to six months for plates to arrive at local country clerks offices.


Tennessee residents can read all details about the plate, see the license plate design, and pre-order the plate at